A Flock of Words

The stunning Art-deco Midland Hotel

The owl and the pigeon

A recent trip to Morecambe, Lancashire, provide me with an unexpected encounter with a Flock of Words.  I left the newly refurbished, Art-deco Midland Hotel on the promenade and prepared myself for a dreary walk to the library in the rain.  But when I crossed the road from the hotel I stepped onto a pavement of poems.  A Flock of Words, by why not associates is a 300 meter pavement of poems that stretches from the promenade to the town center. I delighted in stepping through The Owl and The Pussycat, tiptoeing around Three women and a goose a market makes. From Chaucer, to Wordsworth, Shakespeare and Roger Mcgough, the poems flew.  The theme of birds may have been overlooked by locals hurrying to work but the pigeons and I had a word fest.

Pigeons with artistic taste

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