Book Launch Success

I am proud to be part of this fantastic anthology, published by Doghorn Publishing. This collection of top class writing from all over the world would make a great present for anyone who likes literature with a seasoning of the bizarre.
Fellow Scottish contributor, Wendy Jane Muzlanova, and I held a book launch for this publication in the A.K. Bell Library Cafe Bar, Perth, Scotland on Saturday night. The event took place at the same time as sister launches in Indianapolis and San Diego but I bet they didn’t have as much fun as we did in Perth.
Local band Day of Days opened the event and provided music in between the open mic slots. MC, Lachlan Renwick did a fine job rounding up the willing and not so willing for the open mic. The writers were all very talented and a wonderful mix. It was great for me to perform and attend outside Glasgow and to be back in my beloved East. A huge thanks to Wendy for finding such a fabulous venue and organising the band, MC and everthing else. The anthology can be purchased from Doghorn Publishing, Amazon and from the authors
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