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College and School Visits

The Incomers and The Sun Song Trilogy have many topics suitable for discussion in schools.  My talks and workshops are designed for Key Stage 3 and 4 of the Curriculum for England, Wales and Northern Ireland and to the Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland.


Here is what some schools have to say about my visits.

“It was one of the best author visits we have ever had.  

Thank you especially for the enthusiasm, your positive outlook and most of all the time you were able to give to our students, which is what many of our students are deprived in.
The students were really engaged with what you had to say.  You really connected with the groups, especially the Year 9 students.  The cracking powerpoint, the evocative film, and your own story which was somewhat different from the career orthodoxy preached at the school.
I have spied badges have been on lapels all week and the books will form basis for Year 9 book groups next year and prizes for the more resilient readers and writers.”   Sean Delaney, Lead Librarian, City of London Academy, Bermondsey
“The visit of author Moira McPartlin last week was a very successful event, students enjoyed to discuss the writing process for her latest book and to compare the futuristic story of the book with developments in nowadays society. Mrs McPartlin was very friendly, approachable and positive and the event encouraged students in their own reading and writing.
Moira explained her method of writing and what inspires her. Students asked a lot of questions, for example her top tips for aspiring writers: Always aim to finish a text. Always get feedback on a text. Always read many other books to get inspired. In the end students felt very encouraged to continue their own writing, we are looking forward to read some great new stories!”  Ulrike Kohnen-Zuelzer, LRC Co-ordinator, Harris Academy, Peckham
” We felt honoured to welcome Moira McPartlin in our School Library to talk about her new book ‘Ways of the Doomed’. The students enjoyed her workshop and they participated with interest and enthusiasm but most importantly it made them think about words and language and how they are used to influence people.”
Mareke Martens, School Librarian, Stepney Green Maths, Computing and Science College


“Thank you for giving your valuable time to our students. It was an excellent presentation.
I must say, we cannot replicate the wealth of experiences you presented to the students. I am sure they will remember your presentation and it will be a source of inspiration as they pursue their education at Walworth Academy. Your contributions make an incredible difference and we greatly appreciate you!
I can honestly say that it was a joyous experience – definitely for me and for most of the students too! After your visit the students have been happily borrowing books, totally enthused. Your visit also encouraged our students that reading can be hugely enjoyable.” Cecilia Johnson, Librarian, Walworth Academy

Guest Tutor

I was delighted to be invited into Forth Valley College as guest tutor on their Passport to Business Programme. Here are some comments from a few students who participated in the session.

We talked about movies and wrote how we got to college in the morning. Told what type of superpower we would have. I liked everything we did.  Clare

We listened to Moira’s life story and her experiences of being a writer…It was a good session although next time I would contribute more. Alex

What I liked about the session was it was quite funny hearing all the weird superpowers that people have.  Scott

Moira asked if we could have three superpowers and why what would they be and why. I enjoyed going out of college to be there. Stuart

We got to know each other more by discussing our likes and what would be our superpower…looking at our talents. I liked how we wrote a poem and got to know each other more. Michelle

The one thing I enjoyed the most was when she (Moira) was talking about what she thought of her books and what inspired her to writer them.  Kaitlyn


I am also available for book festival, library events, bookgroups and creative writing workshops.

Please note I am listed on the Scottish Book Trust Live Literature Data Base. You can view my profile here.