About Trilleachan Press

The process of self-publishing is new to me, but I recognised from the start that I wanted to make latest novel, Before Now, look as professional as possible. I knew I would have to buy ISBN numbers from Nielsen Book Data and before I did that I set up my own publishing imprint.

I wanted a publishing name that reflected my personality and culture. Being a Celt it was important to have a Gaelic name. I also wanted something personal to me. I love nature, mountains, and seashore. When I think of the seashore the sound that springs to my mind is the haunting and evocative call of the oystercatcher; I love it. Imagine my delight when I moved into a new home a couple of years ago and discovered oystercatchers nesting in the field close to the house. Whenever I hear this distinctive call I am transported to another world. The Gaelic name for oystercatcher is Trilleachan, which is also the name of a mountain in Glen Etive. The name seemed almost providential.

Trilleachan Press was born. Next, I needed a logo.

Because we have spent many days by the seashore, Colin and I had often photographed oystercatchers. We selected an image from our archive and with some design skills and a few tweaks from our friends at Big Potato Industries in Singapore, the logo was ready.

Trilleachan Press Logo designed by Big Potato Industries, Singapore

The plan is to only publish my own books under the imprint, but already someone has floated an idea past me, so who knows.