The Incomers Tenth Anniversary News

It is ten years since the first publication of my debut novel The Incomers. During that time many readers have read and loved the book and it is still selling and being enjoyed by new readers. Ten years is a long time for a novel to remain in print with the original publisher and the time seemed right to ask for my copyright back.

I am delighted to publish The Incomers through my own imprint Trilleachan Press. Although I love the original cover by Thomas Crielly, the novel needed a new cover. The Incomers is set in the fictional Fife village of Hollyburn. Hollyburn also features in Before Now, my last novel, so it seemed a sensible move to create a brand promoting the link between the two novels and a Hollyburn Series of books on Amazon’s market place.

Paperback copies of The Incomers can be purchased here from Amazon for the new price of £6.99, (Kindle £1.99).

Signed copies can be ordered direct from me for £10.00 (Inc P&P) using the contact form on this site.

I hope you like the new cover as much as I do.

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