Sun Song Trilogy Publication Day

Publication Day is always an exciting time for an author. Today marks the publication of the eBook of the Sun Song Trilogy. All three novels in the trilogy have had individual eBooks published in the past, but somehow, seeing the novels as one trilogy gives me a greater thrill.

eBook available from all good eBook sellers

Unlike the individual novels, the eBook trilogy is being marketed towards the adult, scifi reader. This is because we have found this is the audience most receptive to the story.

A fabulous new cover has been created by my publisher, Fledgling Press, and I have a fantastic video following the whole journey.

Have a look.

Most of the promotion has been done online but my local book seller, Guid Reads in Alva, has pulled out all the stops. The owner, Ruth Galloway has written quotes up on the windows and is promoting heavily through her own networks. Thank You!

I shared the video and cover through my newsletter way ahead of publication. If you would like sneak peeks at what’s coming up in future months you can sign up for the newsletter here.


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