Time to Shake off the 2020 Doldrum

When I wrote my last blog post the UK had just entered another lockdown. During the first lockdown in April, May, June, I ran every day and spent lots of time in my garden. This time it’s different. We are in deep winter and in Scotland that means dark days and icy roads which makes spending long periods outside difficult. Luckily, this time my fallow writing period has come to an end. My attitude is, if I am to be locked up, I’m going to make the most of that time.

During 2020 I reworked a short novel I have been working on for a couple of years. And I completed a 12,000 word mini read.

But that’s not all. I want to learn another new skill. Because both the short novel and mini read are difficult to place with a traditional publisher, I have decided to begin a self-publishing journey.

I have engaged the services of Lumphanan Press to help with the editing and design work. I’ve created my own brand (to be revealed shortly). The short novel should be ready for publication in April.

This means there will be lots of exciting announcements around new projects and I’ll be eager to share them with you.

It’s time to shake off the doldrums of 2020 and reconnect with readers through regular blog posts.  But I want to do more. For the first time I am going to create a mailing list which will give me the opportunity of offering added value to loyal fans. I won’t bombard you with newsletters, but I will give you sneak previews of work in progress, exclusive news about giveaways and cover reveals.

As well as talking about my new projects I’ll be revisiting some of the highlight from my other novels, The Incomers and The Sun Song Trilogy.

You can sign up to my mailing list here.

I hope you will join me in this exciting new journey.

My Goalbook

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