A Writer’s To Do List

Like many workers I returned to my desk on the 7th of January a couple of kilos heavier and with a to do list that stretched over several pages. On social media I sympathised with those who found it hard to get back into gear that day. One of the comments I received back was surprise that I had a to do list. What was there to remember? Get up, go to desk, write some words, end of work day. It was meant as a joke, but the comment got me thinking about what people perceive to be a writer’s life, especially when the latest book is finished.

I think most people know that all authors, even authors published by large publishers, need to spend a proportion of their time promoting their own work during the publication phase (and beyond).

Star of Hope, the last book in my Sun Song Trilogy will be published on 28th February by the small independent publisher Fledgling Press.   The majority of the work for the launch events, reviews and publicity is down to the publisher, but they don’t know who I want to invite to my launches, they don’t know what unique selling points I may have, they don’t have access to my own networks and they cannot supply the vast amounts of information required to fuel a blog tour.

All this information needs to come from me. But as any author will tell you, all time spent on promotion is time not writing.  On the 7th of January I decided that my week would be structured differently.

This is Monday and this blog post is the first of my promotional tasks for the day and one thing ticked off my to do list.


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