End of the Trilogy

My task for the next month is to edit another draft of book three of my Sun Song Trilogy.

But I also plan to read and take notes from the first two books. I have this cold dread that hits me in the middle of the night – what if the trilogy ends and there is some glaring hole in the plot? I know editors will perform magic, but I feel personally responsible to polish off the trilogy without any errors and with a strong story the readers will be satisfied with.

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I have been writing the Sun Song Trilogy since 2012, something I didn’t expect when I began the story. This was meant to be a stand alone book set in 2089. But when I began to build the world in which to set the story, I realised that the world, the characters, the story and the themes were too big for one book.

All my other projects have been put on hold until this Sun Song is complete. I admit I am looking forward to working on another story but I’ve loved every minute of this journey into the future and I will miss Sorlie, Ishbel, Scud,Dawdle and all the other characters who have inhabited my days for the past six years. I want to do them justice and let them live on in readers’ imaginations and on library and book store shelves for many years to come.


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