What happened to September?

The Month of September

I have not managed to post one entry in September. Where did the month go?

Granted I was on a writing retreat for one of the weeks, finishing off the first draft of novel number two. But that still leaves three weeks.

The preparation and commencement of my two community courses used up a huge chunk of time. The first course, How to Survive The Credit Crunch, I am attempting to deliver to eighteen rowdy young mother’s who have, up till now, had few breaks in their lives. They still have to realise that making the right choices and taking control is the key. I hope I can teach them a few useful tips. I would have had more chance to succeed with a smaller class, but it appears to me that funders are more interested in the numbers than the actual results, which is a shocking situation.

The second course is with a small creative writing group I am leading into the varied world of musicals.

I have never written a musical before and neither have they, but they are inspired (and inspiring) and having fun and that’s all that matters.

1st October

The first of October arrived early for me with small scratching sounds at 4.30 this morning. At first I thought it was rain, but soon worked out that is was a mouse working its way from the outside wall to the inside wall. Living in the country, we can’t keep them out, but I cant remember them arriving this early in the year before.

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