The difference between the English and the Scots is…

While the English commentators were happily comparing Andy Murray’s expected win to 1966, we Scots were hiding behind our sofas, scared to look in case our interest might hex the boy and make him lose. Why are we like this? We have had it beaten into us since the cradle – “don’t get too big for your boots now!”

Today Andy shook off the national curse, and played his wee heart out. Next year he will win for sure.

More Firsts

Someone asked me the other day if I am still collecting Firsts. In a way I am and always will. One first this week was the harvest of my first time growing beans. They were delicious steamed and served with local venison stew and redcurrant sauce (another first – last years redcurrants were enjoyed by the crows).

Unfortunately my garden is dripping with produce waiting to be picked and I am off on holiday for two weeks. My house sitters and garden waterers will have a great feast while I am way.

Classic moment of the day

Just spotted – a car with driver and passenger who looked as though they had eaten all the pies and were searching for more. Emblazoned on the car side “Want to loose weight? Contact us” I think not!

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