Neil Young at Edinburgh Playhouse

Minto and I plus Michael (jun) and James were at the most wonderful concert last night. After waiting for 36 years at last Neil came to see us in Edinburgh. If he had been mediocre it would have been awesome; but he was brilliant so I don’t have a word for the experience!

We first saw him in Glasgow Apollo on 8th November 1973. It cost an astronomical £2.50.
My little sister Moira came with us then. With the successes of Harvest and After The Gold Rush still ringing in our ears we were all very excited to hear our old favourites. How were we to know that this tour was to go down in history as the one where he performed all of Tonight’s The Night (released 1975), with a couple of old favourites thrown in at the end? Oh Neil!

His support that night was rather excellent though; a little known band called The Eagles (yes, that’s right – but that’s a story for another day).

Note: He redeemed himself 20 years later in the SECC; another story for yet another day.

Back to last night. Neil made amends for The Apollo – and some! We sat down at 7.30pm and floated through 3 performances (Pegi Young, Neil unplugged, Neil electric) taking us up to midnight. This was Neil at his classic BEST and half the numbers pre-dated his ’73 concert. I won’t describe the detail; better people than I can do that:

Lining up our previous 3 audiences with Neil (1973, 1993 and also the 1996 SECC Crazy Horse heavy metal frenzy) I have always considered 1993 to be his finest by far.

Last night that all changed!


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