Cheer Up


Today is officially the most depressing day of the year. I think the fact that someone has actually taken time out of his life to work that one out should be enough to make everyone smile.

So what if all your New Year’s resolutions have been washed down the gutter with the rain, you can always make some more next week when you’re feeling more optimistic. I have found no matter how bad things become in life there is always someone else who needs cheering up more.
Outside there is a cracking full moon and the nights are getting lighter, buds are forcing there way through the soaking ground. It will soon be spring and time to plant the sunflower seeds.

Fifty First Timer No.3
I made and drank my first pina colada

We had friends over for dinner on Friday night and because the days are long and the weather dire I thought we needed a cheer up. I concocted a Caribbean dinner menu from my Australian Woman’s Weekly Caribbean Cookbook.

We don’t normally drink rum but a Trinidadian friend brought us some back the last time she was home and this seemed like the perfect excuse.


Pina collada aperitifs
Callaloo (a spinach and crab meat soup) served with homemade oat and maple bread
Chicken, rice and chickpea with mango and avocado salsa
Grilled mango cheeks

Served with lots of calypso music; and burned off with loads of singing and dancing and in the morning mucho sore heads. Great fun!

Buy my art

New Artist’s site

Have you seen great artists site?

Free competitions and heaps of inspiration from the fabulous pieces of work submitted from around the world, although at the moment it seems to lean towards Australian artists. It is a fantastic opportunity to be part of a community of like minded artists


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