Who said lists were easy?

Fifty First Timer No.1

Attend a Stirling Albion home game.

What better way to begin my list of first time events than on the Second of January with a truly Scottish tradition. After spending the last week sitting in front of the telly, sipping too many Sherry’s, scoffing Thornton’s Continental chocolates, we Scots must punish ourselves and there is no better way than to risk catching pneumonia, standing at a pitch side watching a bunch of guys trying to stay warm by running around after a ball. A visit to Stirling Albion has been on my mental list for years.

I hail from Dunfermline and have attend a couple of the ‘Pars’ more significant games, but now my home town is Stirling so I thought it only right that I should give the boys my support on this festive occasion. Unfortunately Stirling Albion are at the bottom of the first division with a considerable gap between them and the second bottom. Maybe I would bring them luck!

Their opponents were Morton, of whom I had heard many major scoffs, particularly, on TV, from their most celebrated supporter Christopher Brookmyre. We might be in with a chance, how good can they be?

I know little about football but it became apparent very early in the match that our boys couldn’t run as fast as the other side. They tried so hard, but they seem to lack confidence. every time one of the ‘Binos’ took possession they seemed to stop and say ‘well, what do I do now?’ then it was too late, Morton took possession back.

The ‘Binos’ played with true spirit, which must be hard to stir up when you are at the bottom and after a valiant fight, eventually lost 1-2. Until I arrived at Forthview Stadium I had no idea my passions would be fired, but I was roaring (with frustration mainly) with the rest of the loyal supporters. But I wont be joining them on the 12th January when the wee ‘Binos’ meet Glasgow giants Celtic in a cup match, my heart couldn’t take the pain.

Another tradition at football matches is a scotch pie and cup of bovril at half time. When the hot bovril performed its magic to my frozen core I thought it was Christmas all over again – the pie wasn’t bad either.

I took this photo using the new mobile phone my son gave me for Christmas. Colourful, but out of focus, eh? We’re playing in red.

In daylight, from the home stand there are super views of the Ochil Hills. The visitors have the stunning vista of The Wallace Monument and Stirling Castle.

Good Luck on the 12th of January.

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