National No Music Day

I wonder how this little lady is coping with National No Music Day. Better than me I hope.

Today is National No Music Day. A torture thought up by Bill Drummond formally of KLF. Bill had the bright idea that, because we take music for granted, we should work harder at appreciating it. Would we look at music differently once we were deprived of it? Well today we can find out while we starve ourselves of tunes.

It’s a shame because I had a great website to add to the blog today, but because it’s a music site it will need to wait for another time.

Not even a jingle is being played on Radio Scotland as it enters into the spirit of the day. This is a brave move and a great challenge for the music programmes. Tom Morton has made a not too bad job of filling his 2-4pm daytime slot with fascinating music interviews.

I can’t cope with listening to another ‘no’ music show but I have faith Brian Burnett will romp through his ‘Get it On’ hour. It will take him an hour to read out all the complaints I predict he will receive from his regular listeners.

I tried to deprive myself of music today but it was impossible. A trip into Glasgow saw me running out of shops the minute I realised music was playing. But it was unavoidable when I reached my final destination, Oran Mor, Byres Road. Oran Mor’s lunchtime theatre, A Play, A Pie and A Pint was airing its 100th play, which I was determined not to miss, unfortunately it was a musical!!!!!

And does this mean I can’t play my guitar tonight?

A Play, A Pie and A Pint

For the past couple of years I have been a regular attendee at Oran Mor’s lunchtime theatre productions. The event began 100 plays ago when Producer Dave McLennan and Scottish theatre legend Dave Anderson sat in the audience of a lunchtime theatre in Bewley’s, Dublin. They brought the idea back to Glasgow and although it was slow to catch on, it is now hugely successful and part of a West End tradition. Dave McLennan has created a platform for new, one hour plays, to be staged, and although some of the plays don’t hit the mark, most are exceptional. Good or bad, they are all superbly produced and performed by a wide range of talented actors and stage crews..

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