Tips – make the most of everything

I am a list maker. I don’t think I am a control freak but I know lists make my life easier. My working week, like the majority of us, is a series of routine task, but there are always extra uncompleted tasks, paltry and considerable, lurking in the corners of my life. They nibble away at me week in week out and because it is human nature to procrastinate, these jobs never get done, but their existence soured my contentment.

At the beginning of each week I make a list of a few pesky jobs and aim to complete them by the end of that week. The list should consist of mostly easy jobs and one major job. It is a common fault to be too ambitious with ‘to do lists. To prevent this I write the list on a small Post-it note. I resist the temptation to start a new list until the first list has been scrubbed. I get great satisfaction from ticking off all the little tasks and crumbling and tossing the paper Post-it when the jobs are done.


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