This is the beginning and please excuse my spelling

This is a new venture for me but I had to do something to fill the drained well of my creativity after finishing my novel Torque. The end came two weeks ago when the last dots and dashes were done. Long hours of printing were followed by trips to the post office, armed with heavy brown padded envelopes. Now I’ll sit back and wait – for the rejections. Well, that’s what all the writing gurus tell you to expect.

I saw one such Guru on Friday. Alan Warner, author of Morven Caller, The Sopranos and other fine Scottish tales, has helped set up The Long Lunch Press. Their launch, on Friday at the WordPower book shop in Edinburgh, was an entertaining event. The aim of the press is to pair well know authors with talented unpublished newcomers. Alan reiterated what I have been hearing for years – that publishers are so risk averse, it is almost impossible for unsigned writers to get books deals.

Long Lunch have twinned Irvine Welsh with Richard Todd and James Meek is teamed up with Elizabeth Reeder in an attempt to jump start some positive action on behalf of unknowns. Both aspiring authors read at the event . Poor Richard was shaking so much I wanted to jump up an hold his script for him. I hope the organisers give him a podium to rest his pages at the next event. One thing is for sure, if these talent writers can’t find takers, what hope is there for mediocre writers.

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